Andrologia MD 

The infertility laboratory Andologia MD was established in 2005 by a senior team of fertility and embryologists in order to provide fertility patients with in-depth diagnosis and personal care beyond normal working hours.
Andrologia MD is establish in a new building on 11 Habarzel Street (Wing B in the 2nd floor) in Tel Aviv, across the road from Assuta Hospital and less than 2 minutes walk to various public transportation points.
The laboratory offers a private, discreet sperm room and a spacious and pleasant waiting room.
The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is used by embryologists  who have many years of experience in fertility treatments. Our goal is to provide a professional and up-to-date response, both at the diagnostic stage and at the therapeutic stage.
In the diagnostic field, the laboratory performs various tests, starting with a routine examination of the sperm (Krueger method) and subsequent sperm testing using advanced methods, including large magnification (X6100 diagnostic tests), which allows accurate diagnosis of pathology in the head and other parts of the sperm. In addition, tests are conducted to assess the percentage of seed fragments (DNA fragmentation) of the sperm, a measure related to male fertility disorders, and the evaluation of the nucleic proteins as a measure of the maturity of the sperm cell. These tests are designed to assist the physician in determining the optimal treatment.
At the stage of treatment, the laboratory helps the doctor, thanks to advanced technologies and equipment, as well as a combination of conservative treatments and innovative treatments, to offer optimal solutions to the complex problems of male fertility such as sowing seed preparation in a variety of methods such as the gradient method and the SWIM UP method and sperm sorting at a high magnification for IVF-IMSI / S-ICSI treatments.
A special section of the laboratory is dedicated to conducting long and meticulous sperm searches, in cases of suspected complete lack of sperm (Azoospermia). This is a substitute for the need for intrusive procedures and surgeries for TESA (TESA), which are limited in number and which they wish to avoid because of the potential damage to testicles.
In addition to the unique professional knowledge of the MD team, we also attach great importance to the emotional aspect associated with fertility treatments as a significant part of the treatment's success. During the diagnosis / treatment time is devoted to each pair including a conversation with the biological, an explanation of the procedures performed, viewing the sample of the sperm on the screen as seen from the microscope and a comprehensive discussion of the results obtained.
The staff of Andrologia MD Laboratory is available to you throughout the week (including weekends and holidays), by appointment.
For inquiries: 03-9194431, 054-4509082